OUR Students First:

  • Emphasis on Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Math (STEAM)

  • Increased Emphasis on Reading and Math Levels Proficiency

  • Equality in Education and Opportunity

  • Technical, Vocational & College ready graduates

  • Summer Advancement Programs

  • Safe Schools & Safe Buses

Supporting OUR Teachers: 

  • Competitive Salaries

  • Teacher Recruitment, Retention & Investment

  • Increase Classroom Resources

  • Emphasis on Classroom size

Engaging OUR Community:

  • Bring the Board to the Community

  • Increase Transparency and Accountability

  • Increase Engagement of Community Partners

Cultural Awareness:

  • Bullying Awareness

  • Sex Trafficking Awareness

  • School Violence Awareness 

Engaging OUR Local Businesses:  

  • Link Business Partnerships to Local School Opportunities 

  • Link Business Opportunities to System-Wide Opportunities

Contact us:

Telephone:  678-362-6295


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